In the fall and winter, my customers look forward to my Bittersweet Biscotti Bark, an addictive combination of biscotti crumbs and chocolate. What’s noteworthy is how the Bark came to be. Like most our advances at Gilda’s Biscotti, it was by complete accident.

I dip the large café biscotti during the holiday rush, and I usually have a family member working with me in the shop who likes to dip their own little stash for later. This kind of “help” results in a bowl of leftover chocolate riddled with crumbs.

On one occasion, there wasn’t enough chocolate to save – and I don’t like throwing things away – so I poured the mixture onto some baking paper and let it set. Eureka! That’s how Bittersweet Biscotti Bark was born. We now tediously collect all the crumbs off the cutting boards…all in a day’s work.


The Bark has become enormously popular, but it’s still only available from Halloween to Easter. So there’s only a limited time left to get your Bark fix for the year.

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