Bittersweet Bark


The Bittersweet Bark is a massively addictive seasonal offering of chocolate insanity. We fold our sweet crispy biscotti crumbs into dark chocolate and break up the cooled finished slab into “bark.” Habit forming! In individual 8-oz. bags.

Gilda’s Biscotti is dedicated to the preservation of this delicious 14th century creation. By using only wholesome ingredients and hand-cutting each biscotti, small batches ensure the finest, freshest,most authentic biscotti possible. We never have and never shall use butter, oil, shortening, preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial flavors, or colors in the making of our rustic artisan style biscotti. Furthermore, we adhere to classic and complimentary combinations when pairing our flavors with coffee, espresso, milk, hot chocolate, tea, and best of all, wine! Grazie!

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