In the fall and winter, my customers look forward to my Bittersweet Biscotti Bark, an addictive combination of biscotti crumbs and chocolate. What’s noteworthy is how the Bark came to be. Like most our advances at Gilda’s Biscotti, it was by complete accident.

I dip the large café biscotti during the holiday rush, and I usually have a family member working with me in the shop who likes to dip their own little stash for later. This kind of “help” results in a bowl of leftover chocolate riddled with crumbs.

On one occasion, there wasn’t enough chocolate to save – and I don’t like throwing things away – so I poured the mixture onto some baking paper and let it set. Eureka! That’s how Bittersweet Biscotti Bark was born. We now tediously collect all the crumbs off the cutting boards…all in a day’s work.


The Bark has become enormously popular, but it’s still only available from Halloween to Easter. So there’s only a limited time left to get your Bark fix for the year.

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Here at Gilda’s Biscotti, it’s with a lot of excitement and great pleasure that we celebrate our 23rd anniversary !

We hope you’ll enjoy all the news, musings, and highlights from the bakery and farm, along with updates on new products and gift ideas. As we look back over the past two decades with much gratitude, we are excited about all that lies ahead!

Thank you for being a part of my story!

What pairs with biscotti? The obvious answer for most people is…coffee! But it’s not the only beverage that works! For years, I’ve been telling people that one of the best pairings for biscotti is the sweet Tuscan wine, vin santo. Which makes sense, since biscotti originated in the Tuscan town of Prato.
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Some who’ve snuck a peek into my kitchen have wondered why I sprinkle sugar, instead of flour, on my table and roll the biscotti out in the crystals. Well, it’s one of the secrets to Gilda’s Biscotti, and as with most of my other innovations, this one happened completely by accident.
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