Pairing Idea: Vin Santo

What pairs with biscotti? The obvious answer for most people is…coffee! But it’s not the only beverage that works! For years, I’ve been telling people that one of the best pairings for biscotti is the sweet Tuscan wine, vin santo. Which makes sense, since biscotti originated in the Tuscan town of Prato.

Dating to the Renaissance, vin santo was the wine of choice for Sunday mass in Rome — literally, the “holy wine” — and the very best vin santo still conveys layers of unique flavor, and deep down suggest something like an an ornate, incense-filled church.

Vin santo wine is made in a very special and old-fashioned way (just like authentic biscotti!) with the winemakers drying freshly harvested grapes on straw mats to concentrate the sugar before crushing and fermenting the wine.

So do like the Tuscans. After dinner, pour yourself a vin santo and dip that biscotti in the sweet nectar.


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