A New Interview

Good Morning, All,

I hope this finds you soaking up the final weeks of one of the most glorious summers I can recall!

As we ready to celebrate our 20th year at Gilda’s Biscotti World Headquarters, I thought you might enjoy this last quick colorful summer read?

To follow is an interview we just did with blogger Emily Kovach, of Hub Bub coffee in Philadelphia.

A great overview of what we do, and why we do it.

Gilda Doganiero makes what we think is the best biscotti this side of the Atlantic. HubBub has been carrying her tasty wares in classic flavors like vanilla bean and chocolate espresso pretty much since we opened. Perhaps you’ve seen them on the counter tops in our cafes in their elegant clear glass jars. These biscotti are everything we could ask for: slender, extra crunchy, and not too sweet. Paired with an Americano, they are the perfect afternoon snack.

Read the rest here. (And as always, let us know if you need anything from us before the kids go back to school.)

Thank you for another fabulous year!